Sunday, October 3, 2010

Vandals! and Richard visits

In the last 2 weeks, Troy has been vandalized 3 times.  The first time, the shed door was taken off its hinges, and several items were stolen: a digital camera, a toolbox with general tools, and another toolbox, with tools for the beehives.  The last item was particularly disturbing, as those items are very important to Troy, but not of much use to anyone else, unless they are doing some beekeeping.

Next, someone smashed a glass water bottle to pieces directly on the picnic bench where we eat lunch.  Unfortunately, the glass shattered into tiny bits which scattered.  Hopefully, we successfully removed them all.

Then, last week, someone "borrowed" our cart to haul pumpkins out of the field.  We have lots of pumpkins, but it seems that someone thinks that just because the field is unguarded that it's OK to help themselves to whatever they want.

On a better note, we had a kick-ass share this week.  My longtime friend Richard Cordova, who was visiting from Chicago, helped us bring in the harvest on Wednesday.  We bunched fresh mustard greens, arugula, and mizuna, harvested bok choi, selected herbs, and dug up sweet potatoes for curing.  The greens and bok choi in particular were some of the best Troy has grown.  Very tasty straight out of the field!  Photos coming soon.

Here are some selected fall photos from the past few weeks.
Pumpkins, acorn squash, and butternut, harvested and ready for delivery:
Popcorn, ready to be harvested:
Claire and Jake working the farmstand:
Sierra monitoring the CSA member pickup:
Fall broccoli, nearly harvestable:
Red and green mizuna in the sunlight:

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