Thursday, October 21, 2010

Intern Solo Week

Well, the season is just about over!  Hard to believe.  This week, Jake and Claire gave us the reins.  The remaining interns (myself, Megan B., Laura, Jenna, Stephani, and Maria) did field tour on Monday and decided on the contents of the last share of the season (not that it was difficult... we basically took what was left!)

We ended up with a pretty nice share:  choice of squash or pie pumpkin, a head of garlic, choice of beets or carrots, choice of mustard greens, kale, or chard, 2 leeks, a bag of Brussels sprouts, a head or two of broccoli, a bunch of radishes, and a choice of herb.  The bag of Brussels sprouts is our biggest yet: 1.75 pounds!  And the bags of beets and carrots are equally impressive: 2.25 pounds!  Though I discovered from Claire yesterday that this may have been a bit TOO generous.  It leaves us very little carrots or beets for the farm stand or for our own winter use.

On Monday, we harvested and bunched leeks, harvested some broccoli, dug up the last remaining carrots and washed them, bunched all the greens, and harvested the rest of the Brussels sprouts.  On Wednesday, I harvested the remaining broccoli while the rest of the crew worked on radishes or bagging the beets, carrots, and Brussels sprouts.  Once the radishes were harvested, some of the crew came back to wash and bunch them, while the rest did the herb harvest.  I harvested a few heads of lettuce, bok choi, kohlrabi, and scallions to sell at the farm stand.  We worked hard, as we were missing 4 crew members, two of which were Claire and Jake, who count for 2 each.  It was a bit stressful, but we did it! We finished packing up everything into the cooler by 11:15, which is not bad.

Today we do the CSA delivery.  There are a bunch of us on hand, so I'm hoping that it will go pretty smoothly.  All we have left is Friday workday, where we will be doing some farm clean-up as well as breaking heads of garlic into cloves for planting next Monday.  Then the season will truly be over!  It's hard to believe so much has passed since the beginning of the season, or that we were blessed with such amazing weather our last week on the farm.  I distinctly remember the Intern Solo Week last year, and we had a cold rain throughout the entire delivery.  It was not pleasant!  This year will be much more enjoyable.

I will try to post remaining pictures soon, as well as my remaining observations about the season as a whole.

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